I'm an Illustrator, Designer, Author, and all-around Swiss Army Knife of Artistic Possibilities. Here are a few samples of my work. Enjoy!
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New! Complete comic strip collection - The World Is Our Icebox
How do penguins pass the time at the south pole? Plenty of costume parties, snowball fights, and close encounters with killer whales. Austin McKinley explored that territory before it was cool in this collection of online comic strips from 2001-2002. The entire run is printed in color here for the first time. If you're a fan of the strip, or penguins in general, this is the last Icebox collection you'll ever need. Get it here.


138 pages, color.


The New 8-Bit Heroes
I'm so excited and proud to be a part of this great project. Joe Granato continues to impress me with his seemingly endless competence, and I'm thrilled to make some fantasy magic with the new friends he's assembled. Check it out, pledge, help spread the word. This is going to be an amazing ride.

MARCH 2014

Hub City 15th Anniversary collection - Barbecues of Optimism
Hub City was the Roanoke Colony of municipality-themed cartoon collectives. The artifacts in this 15th anniversary cookout are all that remain of the collaboration between writer/artist/bons vivants Austin McKinley, Alan Laidlaw and Jason Greer before they vanished mysteriously into the woods to be gnawed upon by wolves. Contains Hub City #1-5, Edgeways: Message in a Bottle, The First Stone, and over 50 pages of partially complete and never-before-published evidence of Hub City's untimely demise. Get it here!


236 pages, B/W.


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Complete comic strip collection - Squareasota
If you're interested in a Squareasota collection, I've just completed a revised version containing the complete 7-year run. It's available for sale on Amazon. This is the definitive collection of Sarasota's only local cartoon on entertainment and politics.


207 pages, most of them color.

JUNE 2013

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New novella - Nick Gauntlet: Private Knight
Nick's a down-on-his-luck bow-for-hire, stripped of his lands and title by King Richard. Now he scours the crappy dukedom of Calomel for anyone who flips him a coin. But blackguards beware: he can't be bought. His honor may be tarnished, but his other knightly virtues are intact. Cross him, he'll spare no bolt, steel, or shoe leather to set things right, even if he has to turn his seedy medieval society of doddering dukes, corrupt churchmen and libidinous ladies upside down to do it!

A new novella by Austin McKinley with interior illustrations by Alan Laidlaw - Check it out here!


Or if you prefer audiobooks, check the audio drama version read by David Zietz! You can stream it for free on our YouTube Channel, or for 10 bucks you can download the Mp3s at iStands.com

MARCH 2013

Quicklime - Short Film
Seth Berger has his share of problems. An obvious gambling addiction, a girlfriend who's had it up to here with him, and arguably the world's most terrible job. But now he's got something even worse - a dead body on his hands!

This is my third short film, winner of the Florida Film Network's Operation: Logline contest, and co-produced by the organization. Turn up the quality to HD on the viewer, and you know... wait for it to queue up.

You can visit the film's website here.


Life in a Glass House - Short Film
Here it is, the film version I made of the short story I illustrated for Dirk Manning's Nightmare World. Make a small batch of popcorn and give it a watch. It's in HD, so don't forget you can turn the quality up on the viewer.

You can visit the film's website here.


Gameplay Video from "Haunts: The Manse Macabre"
Exciting new footage shows the game in action. This game - which features my artwork - is still in development, but it's starting to look pretty cool. I can't wait to play.

Find out more at MobRulesGames.com!

JULY 2012

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New novel - The Invisible Thread
Rhee Jianjun is back in Easy City. After the disastrous mission in Xinjiang, Jianjun's career is the opposite of on track when he meets a young neurohacker named Xiaodan who changes his perspective. She needs his help to steal a top secret government prototype that threatens the security of the National Union.

But they'll have to beat Cypro-Corp, CIEDA, and Grant Tennison's team to it. Dozens of lives intersect in this intricate thriller, brought together by the earth-shaking implications of a single invention: a society more connected than ever before, but still so far from united. In an environment controlled by quantum computers, the world really is what you make it!


A new full-length novel - Check it out here!

JUNE 2012

Video game project - Haunts: The Manse Macabre
A freaking haunted house game, featuring my artwork! Check out the Kickstarter video to the left. If haunted houses, Linux, or creepy cute artwork are your thing, head on over to the Kickstarter page and help us out by pre-ordering a copy!

MAY 2012

Life in a Glass House - Short Film Trailer
A deep space miner, left for dead on an alien world, struggles to make it home before his air runs out -- only to discover he has no home to return to. A short film directed by Austin McKinley and produced by Brianne Zulauf. Coming summer 2012.

JUNE 2011

Big Win - Sarasota County TVMe Contest
Three of my projects won over 278 entries from around the country - grand prize, first place in the scripted category, and third place in the miniseries category. Here are a couple of the one-sheets I created to promote two of them, which we lovingly call my "Q" period. Photography by Herb Booth.


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New novel - Hell Bank Notes
The National Union, a global federal government, is beset by treachery within and rebellion without. A coalition of member states blames China for the brutal murders of the Kazakh governing family.

Grant Tennison, a former commander of the National Union's armed forces leads a select team of operatives - soldiers, rebels and mercenaries hired by Kazakhstan's vengeful new ruler to find those truly responsible, to expose the conspiracy, and preserve the illusion of global unity.


A new full-length novel - Check it out here!

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